T39 pictureAT&T Wireless Internet Express (GPRS)
with unlocked Ericsson T39

Also applies to Ericsson phones that are similar (e.g., T68)

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WAP (My Wireless Window)

Troubleshooting WAP (My Wireless Window)

  1. Your AT&T Wireless account must be provisioned (not just enabled) for GPRS to work properly. When you have an unlocked (unsupported) phone, that can be done in one of two ways:
    1. Temporarily put your SIM in a borrowed AT&T Wireless-supported phone with GPRS capability (e.g., Sony Ericsson T61z), and have your account enabled automatically, which normally takes only 15 minutes or so. (Once your GPRS is provisioned and working, return the SIM to your own phone.)
    2. Verify with Customer Service that GPRS has been enabled on your account, and then beg and plead to be transferred to Technical Support. (You might have to lie about having a supported Sony Ericsson T61z that's not working to get there.) Then beg and plead Technical Support to have your GPRS provisioned manually. (Good luck -- you'll probably need it!)
  2. GPRS in rangeGPRS availability appears on your phone as a small triangle directly above the signal strength bars. When you turn your phone on and are in an area with GPRS network support, the triangle should first appear gray, as in the upper image to the right. Once your GPRS service is verified between the network and your phone, the triangle will turn black, as in the lower image to the right. The triangle must be black for GPRS to work!
    1. GPRS availableIf when you turn on your phone the triangle doesn't appear at all, then either you are in an area without GPRS network support, or GPRS is not enabled on your phone. See Preferred Service above.
    2. If when you turn on your phone the triangle appears gray, but shortly disappears, then you are in an area with GPRS network support, but your AT&T Wireless account is not provisioned for GPRS. See Note A above.
  3. If you are repeatedly prompted for User id and Password when you go to My Wireless Window, try the following work-around:
    1. MENU: WAP services YES button Clear cache YES button
    2. Empty cache? YES button
    3. Remove the battery without turning off the phone first.
    4. Replace the battery, turn on the phone, and try again.

Data (ISP.Cingular)

Troubleshooting Data (ISP.Cingular)

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